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Table Saw Information

No matter whether you are a professional woodworker, furniture maker, cabinet maker, contractor or hobbyist, you will want to purchase the very best table saw that meets your needs and criteria.

Sadly, often economic considerations (again, that dirty word: “budget”) must play a big part in tempering and limiting our choices for this critical tool’s purchase. Regardless, we must always factor safety considerations into our decision making process, as well. Higher quality saws are typically less likely to fail or worse yet, create a safety concern.

tools-1Other criteria involve “space limitations” or storage concerns at the location(s) where the table saw will be used typically or housed. Is your saw to be stationary or is a portable table saw a better choice? Many medium-sized to larger units are designed with integral wheels attached and others are so small and lightweight that one person can easily pick them up and put them in the truck or car trunk.

Also, in our considered opinion, the more powerful the motor the safer the table saw. Remember the old adage: “a dull knife cuts the deepest”? The weaker or lower the horsepower of your motor, the more likely it is to “bind” while trying to “rip” wood or other materials. When a table saw “kicks back” or “binds up and jerks forward” suddenly it is no picnic. Your fingers and hands are in harm’s way and are a lot softer than the wood, plastic or metal that you are cutting. A good, powerful motor is a woodworker’s best friend day in and day out both for ease of use, as well as for safe operation.

There are many quality table saw models available from which to choose in the marketplace. We have selected only the best brands and manufacturers to make it much easier for you to find the perfect table saw for your needs.

Below we have given detail table saw reviews so that you get maximum information about these best saws and help you in your buying decision.